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A Message From Tank’s Staff

As you know, cats do not have owners–they have staff. On this page, various members of Tank’s staff will take turns curating pictures and adding occasional bits of information about Tank for the growing fan club gathering around him.

As you probably know, cats are not keen on hierarchical relationships; throughout history any number of kings, popes and generals have been driven to maddening despair by their favorite cat’s failure to take orders seriously. Because Tank operates mainly by whimsy, the staff cannot predict how often these posts will occur.

We will also do our best to answer questions from readers who want to know more about the magnificent Tank. Here’s one that came in recently:

Q: Does Tank have any brothers and sisters? And does he have any offspring?

A: Tank has an identical twin soul-sister¬†named Lucy, who often stands in for him when he’s napping or otherwise unavailable for publicity purposes. You can’t tell them apart. As far as offspring, that’s a mystery. Tenzing didn’t meet Tank until Tank’s was about five years old, according to the vet, so he may have sons or daughters we don’t know about. As far as other cats go, Tenzing hardly ever sees another cat around the property. He thinks perhaps Tank’s emperor-like presence may be off-putting to less majestic felines.


The Staff

Picture #1: Eye Contact

Picture #2:¬†Catching A Quick Snooze On Ten’s Bed

Picture #3: Stalking

Picture #4: The Big Afternoon Nap

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