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Dharma detective

A Personal Note From Gay: Special Launch News!

If you love adventure, metaphysics, relationships and thrilling mystery, we’ve got some very good news for you! Just a click away is the new adventure of Tenzing Norbu, whom bestselling mystery-master Robert Ferrigno calls “the most interesting P.I. in modern crime fiction.” The Third Rule Of Ten is here!

“I loved it!”
- Jack Kornfield

A Drug Lord, A Right-Wing Politician & A Movie Star With Anger Issues…

What On Earth Do They Have In Common?

That’s what Ten is trying to find out, and before long a whole lot of mayhem starts to happen. Along the way our monastery-trained Tenzing, for whom relationships with women are a mystery greater than the ones that require his crime-busting skills to solve, goes through a roller-coaster ride in his love life. You’re going to need to find out what kind of relationship wisdom he’s butting up against this time around. (Hint: it just might be one that you and about 92% of the rest of the population are butting up against!)

Please enjoy my newest and best yet!

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“Crackling with wit, superbly drawn characters and a blistering plot, The Third Rule Of Ten will keep you going until you take a last, meditative breath on the last page.”
- Diane Mott Davidson
- NY Times Bestselling Author of The Whole Enchilada and many others

Two Valuable Bonuses

  • An excerpt from The Fourth Rule Of Ten that nobody else gets!
    At the end of The Third Rule there’s an excerpt from Ten4. Once you read that you’ll want to know what happens next, and the only people on earth who are going to get to read a chunk of the next chapter are those who buy the book today or in the next 7 days!
  • The Relationship Survival Guidebook!
    For those of us, like Ten, who occasionally stumble over ourselves in our close relationships! This is one of our most popular eBooks, and it will be yours at no charge when you buy The Third Rule Of Ten now!

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