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The Third Rule Of Ten Is Now Available!

Dharma detective

A Personal Note From Gay: Special Launch News!

If you love adventure, metaphysics, relationships and thrilling mystery, we’ve got some very good news for you! Just a click away is the new adventure of Tenzing Norbu, whom bestselling mystery-master Robert Ferrigno calls “the most interesting P.I. in modern crime fiction.” The Third Rule Of Ten is here!

“I loved it!”
- Jack Kornfield

A Drug Lord, A Right-Wing Politician & A Movie Star With Anger Issues…

What On Earth Do They Have In Common?

That’s what Ten is trying to find out, and before long a whole lot of mayhem starts to happen. Along the way our monastery-trained Tenzing, for whom relationships with women are a mystery greater than the ones that require his crime-busting skills to solve, goes through a roller-coaster ride in his love life. You’re going to need to find out what kind of relationship wisdom he’s butting up against this time around. (Hint: it just might be one that you and about 92% of the rest of the population are butting up against!)

Please enjoy my newest and best yet!

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“Crackling with wit, superbly drawn characters and a blistering plot, The Third Rule Of Ten will keep you going until you take a last, meditative breath on the last page.”
- Diane Mott Davidson
- NY Times Bestselling Author of The Whole Enchilada and many others